April 30

I went to Aunt Emma Caldwell’s this morning and stayed until preaching time then we came to Johnson’s Chapel Church. Richard brought Rhoda, Evie Brady, Frieda Harris, and I home ¬†at dinner so I could leave Herman a note and tell him to come on to church this evening then we went back for evening services. Herman came on out there. Velma, Thelma, Herman, and I went and stayed a while with May tonight.


April 29

I helped Mama iron this morning. Mama went to the field to work this evening and left me to clean up the house. May came out here and wanted me to go stay with her tonight while James is gone to his sister’s. She helped me clean up the house before we went. Thelma went over there to stay a while and dropped a stick of wood on the puppy and hurt her.

April 28

First thing this morning we went looking for the lost watch. When we came back Rulan found it in the barn loft, so we had some peace at the breakfast table. I went to the woods and helped saw wood this morning. The rain came and washed out most of my curls then I came to the house to cook dinner. I went back out to cut wood this evening. Carmack started fussing and came to the house and cried.

April 27

It has been raining nearly all day today. I rolled up my hair and went to Aunt Emma Caldwell’s with it rolled up. When I came back, Ruben, Baxter, and Dallas Phillips was going fishing. I was fixing to go, too, but Herman came while I had on Richard’s overalls and my hair pinned up. Carmack lost Mama’s $1.00 watch and she is having a SPELL.

April 26

I’ve been busy nearly all day. About 3 o’clock Douglas Sewell came up here to get me to go to the show. I wouldn’t go. When Rulan came back we had a big fuss. I’m sorry we can’t get along together. I’m praying for us both to do better. I have a date with Herman tonight but it has been raining so he can’t come.